Our Location-Independent, e-Commerce Wellness Business

Who we are...

We are a group of diverse people achieving more freedom and flexibility in our lives. We want choices. We know that when we feel better we do better. We believe passionately in total wellness, physically, financially, and spiritually.

What we do...

We are committed to supporting people with tools and a system to help them
create the life of their dreams. We have created a structure of success on proven
principles to help people create their vision, understand the strategy, develop the
mindset and most importantly, take the action to create results.

Why we do it...

We believe everyone deserves options, the freedom to live life on their terms.
We strive to live in appreciation of what we have while working toward continual progress.

My Story...

There are dual sides to our business.  82% will shop here and never refer anyone.  They keep coming back month in, month out.  They just LOVE the product line and what it does for their health and their homes. 

By the way, the "Which Products and Services Survey" below is to see what you currently buy, that we manufacture.

For a small percentage, teambuilding is the draw. With customer retention of 96.6% across all of the teams that refer shoppers, true residuals can be built. 

So I ask you...what would more resources, or a healthier environment do for your life?  For your family?

Imagine for a moment - living your true purpose. To live out this life fully and in true connection with those that you get to serve. Inspiring others to live out their own purpose.

To be free from time constraints. You see time as one of your most valuable assets. Your WHY... whatever or whomever it is, DRIVES you to excel.

We hope to inspire, challenge and equip you to live out your leadership and achieve your goals and dreams within our organization.

Forrest Bivens


A Broader View of Wellness

I would love to talk with you about how I have been able to incorporate more natural solutions into my everyday life. Which of these essentials do you utilize?

Let’s Connect...